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Welcome to the Akuna Community!

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to improving your health while increasing your wealth. Akuna is proud to offer our distributors the finest quality liquid health supplements on the market today. Our dedication to providing premium products designed to enhance your good health is never ending. Akuna also provides you the opportunity to secure your financial future by starting your own Akuna business.

The Akuna community consists of 300 000 distributors spanning three continents worldwide. All of our distributors enjoy unparalleled support in our effort to ensure their Akuna business is a success. One of the many ways Akuna provides such support is through our health and wellness seminars aimed at educating the public about the importance of proper supplementation and how best to achieve optimum health. These seminars have been attended by thousands of guests around the world.

In addition to providing outstanding support for our distributors Akuna also affords you the chance to build multiple income streams through our attractive compensation plan. You too can join the ranks of the over 35 Akuna distributors that have ascended to the highest levels of our organization and now enjoy a superior standard of living.

A final thought to consider…..when we have our good health we have many wishes, when we don’t have good health we have only one wish, to get it back. Protect your health now while creating financial freedom with Akuna so you can pursue all those wonderful wishes you desire!

René Lelek, CEO, Co-Founder

René is the CEO and co-founder of Akuna. His vision started over 25 years ago with an idea to create a way for everyday average people to protect and improve their health while at the same time affording them a path to financial security and control over their future. René continually monitors market trends worldwide to ensure that Akuna distributors can always provide their customers with the utmost in quality products.

Zdenka Forst, President, Co-Founder

Zdenka is the President and co-founder of Akuna. Zdenka has always had a deep rooted passion for helping people improve their lives. Her lifelong experience in sales, specifically in the MLM structure is the main reason for Akuna’s rise to success. Zdenka possesses a natural instinct for business and her in-depth knowledge of the direct selling industry is second to none. She genuinely cares about people and takes the responsibility of sharing accurate helpful health and wellness information seriously.

Dr. S. Khoshbin, Ph.D., M.Sc.

Dr. Khoshbin is the creator of the ALVEO formula. He is the founder and president of the Canadian College of Holistic Health. He has dedicated the past 30 years to researching natural medicine and developing quality natural herbal medicines and supplements. He utilizes innovative, complementary herbal and nutritional therapies in his private clinical practice.

Dr. J. Bertlik, MUDr, N.D.

Dr. Bertlik serves as the Chairman of the Akuna Scientific Advisory Board. He is a member of the Canadian Naturopathic Association. Teaching assistant at the Palacky University, Faculty of Medicine in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Further is the member of New York Academy of Sciences, and a former faculty member of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. He is also an expert in the fields of biological, medicine, homotoxicology, traditional Chinese and herbal medicine.
Frederick Dean

Mr. M. Kazmirsky, Hon. B.Sc., EUR ING

Mr. Kazmirsky is the head of Akuna’s R & D Department. He studied at the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology where he specialized in the Technology of Food Processing and received his Chemical Engineering degree. He is a member of the American Chemical Society and also holds the European Engineer design in the field of Biochemical and Food Engineering.