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ONYX Plus, 4 bottles

Multimineral natural health product with herbal extracts


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package contents: 4 bottles
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Product details

 Onyx plus is a high quality liquid multimineral supplement. Prepared from the most advanced organic sources of calcium and magnesium that are highly water soluble, it has an excellent intestinal absorption. Together with other minerals, herbal extracts and vitamin D, it is and ideal supplement to your diet. It is manufactured in our Canadian facility that is ISO 9001:2000 (International Organization of Standardization) registered and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. To ensure only the top quality, every batch of Onyx Plus is microbiologically analyzed.
Natural health products and supplements are an integral part of living today. ONYX Plus plays a crucial role in today’s diet, and lifestyle. Each nutrient in the highly enriched mineral drink co-exist and work together to provide you with the best possible results. Supplements are no longer a compensation for inadequate diets. They are a means of eliminating toxins in your body while gently cleansing your system.
Onyx plus contains a complex of essential major and trace minerals and together with herbal extracts has beneficial effects on the cellular metabolism in the human body.
Minerals play a vital role in physiological functions and are essential in sustaining life and maintaining optimal health.
Today’s society is very much fixated on healthy eating habits. ONYX Plus delivers results for our organ system that ultimately helps with better functioning of our entire body.
Calcium, magnesium and a variety of minerals are amongst the many nutrients our bodies’ lack. ONYX Plus helps rebuild and reform early stages of bone loss due to deficiencies.
While empowering your fast paced lives, along with everyday mishaps comes anxiety causing stress. Like anything in life, there will always be problems or situations which cause your heart to beat rapidly.
The one thing we all can do to help reduce feeling overwhelmed is embracing a healthy, pro-active lifestyle.
ONYX Plus is just the answer. It helps reduce stress on the cellular level and helps increase defensive functions against prone to stress areas.
Enjoy a healthy pace in life. Drink ONYX Plus today, and love your results in your near future.

What Onyx Plus offers?
Major and trace minerals
Major and trace mineral deficiencies can lead to health problems. Improper diet, digestive problems, and agricultural soil exhaustion contribute to the overall mineral deficiencies in the body.
Increased mineral absorption
Onyx Plus is prepared from the most advanced organic sources of calcium and magnesium. Because they are highly water soluble, they have an excellent intestinal absorption, which makes them ultimately available for biological activity in the body.
Unique magnesium and calcium ratio
The magnesium and calcium ratio (2:1) in Onyx Plus was specifically created to improve skeletal muscles and cardiovascular relaxation. Increased magnesium intake prevents muscle cramping during prolonged periods of physical activity. Both magnesium and calcium are essential in preventing osteoporosis.
High calcium absorption
The highly soluble organic form of calcium plus vitamin D3 greatly increases calcium absorption. This in turn makes calcium available in the body for bone deposit, proper muscle contraction, and nerve and heart function.
Combination of herbal extracts
The herbs in Onyx Plus have been traditionally used to improve digestion. By stimulating enzymatic activities in the digestive tract, they also increase absorption of nutrients.
High quality ingredients
Raw materials, extracts and final products are produced in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facilities. Akuna’s manufacturing facility is also ISO 9001:2000 registered to ensure top quality products.
Onyx Plus is a highly effective, nutrient enriched wonder. High quality ingredients such as traditionally used herbs, water soluble minerals, and raw materials are extracted to provide Alveo users the most beneficial outcome. 


The Minarals in Onyx Plus and their Properties:

is important for every organ in the body. It helps maintain normal muscle, nerve and heart function and is also a part of bone and teeth structure. More than 300 biochemical reactions in the body require magnesium such as protein and DNA synthesis, energy metabolism, and blood sugar level control. Magnesium’s muscle and nerve relaxing effects make it a natural tranquilizer.
is essential for proper bone and teeth density. The body depends on calcium for normal muscle contraction, nerve and heart function. Calcium is also necessary in blood clotting and in over 140 other biochemical reactions in the body such as protein, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism and the absorption of other minerals.
next to calcium, it is the second most abundant mineral in the body and like calcium, it is necessary for bone and teeth density. It is essential for the conversion of food into energy and thus needed for growth, maintenance, and repair of all tissues and cells. Phosphorus is a building block of the DNA and RNA. It is also needed in the metabolism of other minerals and
vitamins, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D.
is needed in protein, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. Manganese is involved in bone and connective tissue formation, insulin action and nerve function. It is a part of the body’s own antioxidant defense system; it supports the immune system, aids in the formation of sex hormones and blood clotting factors.
plays an important role in the immune system. It is also needed for wound healing, normal growth and development, including reproductive organs in both males and females. Zinc helps maintain a sense of taste and smell and takes part in the regulation of appetite.
aids the action of insulin, a hormone critical to the metabolism and storage of carbohydrate, lipid, and protein in the body. It is also important for connective tissue function.
is a very strong antioxidant. It also plays a role in the immune system, the production of anti-inflammatory substances in the body and in the thyroid gland function.
Vitamin D3:
is essential for the absorption and use of calcium in the body. It promotes the growth and maintenance of strong bones and helps maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus.  

Supplement facts

 Ingredients: water, Apple Juice concentrate, Grape Juice concentrate, Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) root extract, Molasses, Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) herb extract, Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) seed extract, Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) seed extract, Acidity Regulators: Citrid Acid, Malic Acid, Elderberry powder, Potassium Sorbate as preservative, Cherry flavor, Magnesium (as Magnesium Lactate-Gluconate), Calcium (as Calcium Lactate-Gluconate), Phosphorus (as Potassium Phosphate), Manganese (as Manganese Sulphate), Zinc (as Zinc Sulphate), Chromium (as Chromium (III) Chloride), Selenium (as Sodium Selenite), vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol).
Recommended dose: adults 15 ml daily, children 3 years older 7-8 ml daily
Nutritional facts:

15 ml – 1 dose
Energy value 83 kJ / 20 kcal
Fat 0 g
Saturated fat 0 g
Total Carbohydrate 5 g
Sugar 0,7 g
Protein 0 g
Sodium 11,25 mg
Vitamins a minerals:
Magnesium 200 mg = 53 %*
Calcium 100 mg = 13 %*
Phosphor 50 mg = 7 %*
Manganese 5 mg = 250 %*
Zinc 1 mg = 10 %*
Chromium 5 µg = 13 %*
Selenium 3 µg = 6 %*
Vitamin D 2,5 µg = 50 %*
*Dietary Reference Intake
Salt is naturally present exclusively in the supplement due to naturally occurring sodium

Usage: Shake well before using. Do not use if you are sensitive to any ingredient used. Store in a dry place at a temperature bellow 25°C and away from direct sunlight. Do not freeze. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and use within one month of opening
Safety Warning: Product does not replace a healthy balanced diet. Not intended for children under 3 years old. Keep out of reach of children. This product has been security sealed for your protection - do not use if the seal has been broken. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Volume:480 ml

What the experts say

Dr. J. Bertlik, N.D.
 “ONYX Plus is a multi mineral supplement with botanical extracts in which the most advanced organic sources of calcium and magnesium are used. These substances are highly water-soluble and therefore have an excellent intestinal absorption. This makes calcium and magnesium highly available for biological activity in the body. Both minerals take part in hundreds of biochemical reactions in our body, such as in skeletal muscles. During physical exertion, muscles may cramp due to calcium accumulation inside the muscle cell. An increased amount of magnesium helps rid the cell of this excess of calcium and therefore aids in muscle relaxation. Both minerals are also essential in osteoporosis prevention. Other minerals in the formula are necessary to numerous vital physiological reactions in the body. The herbs in ONYX Plus stimulate digestive processes, increase absorption of nutrients and as a result make them readily available for utilization in the body.”

Dr. S. Khoshbin, Ph.D.
“Chemically, our body is comprised of water, organic compounds and minerals. Depending on the amount of each mineral required on a daily basis, we classify them as major minerals. We need in high quantities, calcium, magnesium, and phosphate. In trace minerals, we need smaller quantities of zinc, chromium, and selenium. These minerals are all essential to sustain life; water and food being the main sources. Our mostly urban life with high population density calls for a large production of foods that do not always retain quality and nutritional value. It is estimated that before the Industrial Revolution, foods contained 4x more nutrients than today. Minerals are essential in our lives and therefore it is important to add them to our daily diet in the form of food supplements.”